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This section of our web page is designed to provide an incite in to the types of procedures that are performed at Eastover Foot and Ankle. Please keep in mind that results vary and we assess and treat each patient on an individual basis according to the needs and wants of the individual. Surgery is certainly on option in which case musculoskeletal deformities may be addressed. However, surgery should be undertaken with the utmost respect to avoid complications. It is our aim at Eastover Foot & Ankle to provide to our patients the knowledge and information necessary to make a wise and logical decision when it comes to considering surgery as an option.


Case Study #1: Bunion Deformity - Lapidus Bunionectomy

This 50 year old female presented to the office with concern and complaint of a painful bunion deformity within her left foot. Due to the degree of the deformity a more aggressive surgery was performed for correction. Known as a Lapidus bunionectomy, this procedure entails joining (i.e. fusing) the 1st metatarsal to the adjoining midfoot bone in the foot. Although this procedure provides for optimal positioning of the forefoot structures the recovery can be lengthy and the patient is often required to remain off of the operative foot for a period of 6-8 weeks.

Pre-op X-ray Post-op AP


Case Study #2: 2nd Metatarso-phalangeal Joint Arthritis - Joint Implant

This 48 year old female presented to our office with a complaint of pain in the 2nd MPJ, right forefoot. Pain had been present for over 20 years and was correlated to a trauma sustained when she was younger. X-ray displayed a severely deformed and arthritic joint. In an effort to provide relief a joint implant was placed into the joint space to allow for soft, clean motion and provide for optimal spacing of the toe.

Preop POstop  


Case Study #3: Heel Spur Resection

This 50 year old female presented with long-standing pain in her right heel. Pain was originally intermittent but at presentation had become constant. The patient had attempted alteration in shogear, use of anti-inflammatories, icing, and changes in activity with no relief. Pain was proven to be correlated with a heel spur with the posterior aspect of the heel. Decision was made to remove the bone spur.

preopLAT   postopLAT


















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